Between Adventures

Lifestyle Expenses

Lifestyle Expenses works as per phb page 157 with the following exceptions:

A character having a lifestyle worse than modest receive Negative Inspirations per Long Rest. Each Negative Inspiration gives the DM a Luck Point that he can use against the uninspired character as per the Lucky Feat. (PHB page 167) A character having a Wretched lifestyle receives three Negative inspirations, Squalid lifestyle receives two and Poor lifestyle receives one.

If your character is having a Lifestyle better than Modest, he receives one Inspiration after every Long Rest.

Each Player Character is expected to have a permanent place to stay in Agria, this is usually a small apartment that the character is renting from someone. Each player decides what lifestyle her character is living and pays the expenses every month (30 days). These expenses are in addition to whatever the cost of food and lodging is during the character's adventures.

Downtime Activities:

A Character can do Downtime Activities while having a long rest unless otherwise noted.

Here are the available Downtime Activities:

Crafting: as per phb, page 187 with the following exceptions: You make progress in 10gp increments instead of 5.

Practicing a Profession: as per phb page 187 with the following exceptions: Replace the last paragraph with the following: If you are of the Entertainer or Guild Artisan background, and put your skills to use during your downtime, you earn enough to support a Wealthy lifestyle instead.

Recuperating: as per phb page 187.

Researching: as per phb page 187

Training: as per phb page 187, with the following exceptions: It only takes 150 days to reach proficiency in the chosen tool or language, but it still takes 250 days to speak the language fluently or to master the tool.

Carousing: as per dmg page 128, the DM might have a different Carousing table to use.

Crafting Magic items: see Magic Item Crafting

Gaining Renown: as per dmg page 129.

Running  a Business: as per dmg page 129, the DM might have a different Running a Business table to use.

Sowing Rumors: as per dmg page 131.

Training to Gain Levels: ask the DM if your character hasn't been to a session for a long time if he could catch up to the rest of the party.

New Downtime Activities:

Resting Well:  A character who spends at least 10 days Resting Well either loses all her Negative Inspirations if she has a lifestyle worse than modest, gains one Inspiration every morning for the next d6 days if she has a modest life style or gains one inspiration for the next d6+1 days if she has a lifestyle better than modest.

Doing Inspiring Deeds: A Character who has a modest lifestyle or better can spend his downtime helping the poor and the elderly or praying and performing sacred rites in a church or temple or Whatever makes the character feel inspired. While Doing Inspiring Deeds the character spends twice his Lifestyle Expenses, if she spends atleast 10 days Doing Inspiring Deeds, she gains an Inspiration every morning for the next 2d6 days if she has a modest lifestyle or 2d6+2 days if she has a lifestyle better than modest.

Working as a Shield: A character can spend his downtime doing easier jobs from the guild. The character earns money for each day he works depending on his rank. (TBD) A character cannot Work as a Shield while Long Resting.

Between Adventures

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