Traveller Halflings of Esos

The Traveller Halflings of Esos are wandering folk that travel around the known world bringing tales and goods from other cities and keeping smaller villages up and running,

Small and Charismatic

The Traveller Halflings share the Field Halflings' height and age, but that's about the only traits that they have in common. The Traveller Halflings are generally significantly leaner and more muscular than their stout cousins, being ready to leap in to action to defend their caravan from monsters or brigands.

The Traveller Halflings skin is tan or light brown with their hair usually black or deep brown, worn long and tied with a simple string to keep it from being in the way and altough they like to wear practical clothing that's not in the way when travelling, after they set up camp in a village or a city they don their best clothes adorned with precious gems and jewellery, these so called "city clothes" can be the most expensive thing that a Traveller owns, the size and grandeur being a direct representation of the wearer's wealth and wellbeing.

Travelling Fortresses

The Traveller Halflings live in small Caravans that are made up of a few Carriages that are made for the dangerous world outside the walls. The Carriages are built like small, moving fortresses featuring spikes and arrow-slits on the sides with the walls fortified so that they can take a thrown rock from a Hill Giant without buckling. They are drawn by two strong armored draft Horses that are treated like family members as they can be the lifeline of a Carriage. The Carriages are so well-equipped for combat that few thieves even think about taking one on. Still it is not unusual that monsters try to grab a quick bite from a Caravan so most Traveller Halflings have atleast some combat experience.

Each Carriage has two or more stories to accomodate all the halflings living there. Usually a Carriage acts as a house for a Halfling family and all the extra hands working there. A Traveller Halfling family consists of the Figurehead, the "Bossman" who is the oldest or most capable Halfling in the Caravan, their brothers and sisters and their children. Sometimes a Caravan has need for a strong halfling warrior outside of the family to bolster their defences, so some Traveller Halflings make their living protecting other families' Carriages. These "Guardlings" usually come from destroyed Caravans or from families that have disowned the halfling.

Usually a Caravan consists of the members of one halfling family and their hired Guardlings, it is rare for two families to band together as one caravan. Even tough the Traveller Halflings prefer the company of their own family and like to travel alone, the added safety of other Travellers or Halflings sharing the road is welcome.

Merchants and Marauders

The Traveller Halflings earn their living travelling the dangerous roads between cities and villages, buying and selling goods and transporting other travellers that are less-equipped for combat. It is said that the Traveller Halflings are the glue that keeps the villages up and running.

But the life of a Trader is not for everyone and some, less morally motivated Halflings that have left or lost their Caravan move in to the cities to earn their living utilizing their fast hands and quick wits as thieves and robbers. Still, most Traveller Halflings cant stand being immobile and take on jobs that allow them to travel, being parts of normal caravans of other races or start their life anew as an Adventurer or a Shield. Some Traveller Halflings give up on travelling altogether and set up a shop in a City, using their connections to other Traveller Halflings to get good deals on merchandise.


as per PHB Lightfoot Halflings pages 26-28

Traveller Halflings of Esos

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