Sky Elves of Aether

The Sky Elves of Aether are a mystical race of people who seem to have created the perfect place for themselves in the world, the flying city of Aether. Being skilled in magic and having no thirst for material treasure they can dedicate their lives to fulfill their neverending thirst for knowledge and enlightement without having to waste time on manual labour.

Tall and Slender

The Sky elves have an otherworldy presence and seem so slender and beautiful that it feels almost alien. They are quite a bit taller than humans ranging from under 6 feet to a little bit over 7 feet but with their slender build they rarely weigh more than 200 pounds. Males can be rather feminine and hard to differentiate from females at a glance.

The Sky Elves' coloration encompasses a vide variety of pale grey and white tones, sometimes with a hint of blue with eyes often a deep sky-blue or a dark purple and a hair of gold or silver white. They have facial hair that grows very slowly, a Sky Elf that has a beard has probably been growing it for a century. They prefer loose, flowing garments and though they have no need for material goods they appreciate the beauty of a well-cut gemstone and usually wear precious jewelry.

The Curse of a Long Life

Sky Elves can live well over 700 years and age very slowly. With a long life comes a lack of a sense of scale and sometimes a Sky Elf doesn't notice if they spent the last decade or two meditating. They also lack the feeling of mortality and hurry that the shorter-lived races have, often forgetting to reproduce or transfer their knowledge to their offspring before dying of old age. They often spend a lot of time thinking and meditating instead of getting things done, leading to a staleness of their culture, where not much has changed in the last one thousand years.

The Price of an Utopia

The flying city of Aether is a magical place of magical earth that had been enchanted with flying magic by hundreds of Sky Elven wizards during the Exodus, it consists of a large flying island with the Holy Tree of Ithilmar and multiple smaller islands that have been chained together with rope bridges joining them. Drifting in the winds it's location changes all the time and it can be difficult to find. Sometimes the city drifts above other cities, but there is little trade between them. Because the only common way to get there is by a Teleportation Circle spell, Aether has little visitors and they are met with scornful and unapproving attitudes. However they are allowed to stay there for a week, if they bring their own food.

Every day the Holy Tree grows Goodberries, which are distributed to the populace, negating the need of any other farming in the city. However the Tree can only produce a limited number of berries each day leading to a limited number of Elves living in the city at one time. Everytime the city's population grows to be more than the number of berries produced, the High Priest of Ithilmar decides on a person to be banished back to the ground. Usually a younger Sky Elf, under the age of 100, but it's not unheard that an older Sky Elf wants to see the world with his own eyes and volunteers to be banished. Once a Sky Elf leaves or is banished, she is prohibited from returning to the city as a citizen, but is allowed to visit.

No Call for Adventure

Most Sky Elves see Aether as an utopia, and can't imagine leaving the city because once they leave it is nearly impossible to return, but banished Sky Elves have a few places to go. There are a few Sky Elven settlements on the ground or they can seek work as a Shield, bringing their gift of magic and intellect to the Guild. Some Sky Elves decide to see the world on their own terms as an adventurer, but most often they try to integrate theirselves to be a member of the other civilizations. Selling their services as a wizard or an artisan smith.


As per PHB High Elves, pages 21-24

Sky Elves of Aether

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