Magic Item Prices

Here are lists of Consumable Magic Items for sale and their prices in most big cities in the Civil Lands.


Scroll Price Rarity
Scroll of Protection 180gp Rare
Spell Scroll Cantrip 10gp Common
Spell Scroll lv1 50gp Common
Spell Scroll lv2 125gp Uncommon
Spell Scroll lv3 200gp Uncommon
Spell Scroll lv4 325gp Rare
Spell Scroll lv5 650gp Rare
Spell Scroll lv6 1 300gp Very Rare
Spell Scroll lv7 2 600gp Very Rare
Spell Scroll lv8 5 200gp Very Rare
Spell Scroll lv9 10 250gp Legendary
Scroll of Protection 180gp Rare


Potion Price Rarity
Potion of Animal Friendship 200gp Uncommon
Potion of Clairvoyance 975gp Rare
Potion of Climbing 150gp Common
Potion of Diminution 275gp Rare
Potion of Fire Breath 150gp Uncommon
Potion of Flying 500gp Very Rare
Potion of Gaseous Form 300gp Rare
Potion of Growth 275gp Rare
Potion of Healing 50gp Common
Potion of Healing, Greater 150gp Uncommon
Potion of Healing, Superior 450gp Rare
Potion of Healing, Supreme 1 350gp Very Rare
Potion of Heroism 150gp Rare
Potion of Invisibility 180gp Very Rare
Potion of Invulnerability 3 850gp Rare
Potion of Mind Reading 180gp Rare
Potion of Poison* 100gp Uncommon
Potion of Resistance 300gp Uncommon
Potion of Speed 400gp Very Rare
Potion of Vitality 975gp Very Rare
Potion of Water Breathing 180gp Uncommon

*Potion of poison is generally not sold, as poisons are seen as Evil.

Oils and Ointments:

Oil or Ointment Price Rarity
Oil of Etherealness 1 925gp Rare
Oil of Sharpness 3 200gp Very Rare
Oil of Slipperiness 480gp Uncommon
Keoghtom's Ointment (per dose) 120gp Uncommon


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Magic Item Prices

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