Island Dwarves of the Landsea

The Island Dwarves share a certain sense of community that their fortress-dwelling brethren lack. They roam the Landsea with their homeboats in search of prey or booty, closely following the winds and tides to get to places normally unreachable. Often a group of homeboats forms a village of sorts, only to disband whenever the tides are up again.

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Island Dwarves share their genetic makeup with their cousins, having the same height and weight as the fortress dwarves. Their skins are mostly tan or pale and their hair and beards are often reddish or orange in colour. Island dwarves like longer hair and beards to protect them from the chilly winds blowing from the ocean, often forgetting to clean or cut their hair until it is too long and untidy.

Island Dwarves prefer simple and functional clothes, often fashioned from leather or fabric that they have traded from the main continent. Sometimes using jewellery that has some personal meaning to the dwarf.

Wandering Communities

The Island dwarves live in their homeboats or ships, with one vessel often being the home of multiple dwarves. Unlike the large cargo ships of Humans or Fortress Dwarves the homeships of Island Dwarves have more room for crew than cargo and are generally easier to sail. They also have flat bottoms to better navigate the low waters of the landsea, making them generally unsailable in the open ocean and harder to travel windward.

Normally the Island Dwarves gather their homeboats into small clusters to share the work protecting the so-called cluster from monsters and bandits. Usually the clusters are short lived, disbanding whenever the boats no longer share a destination but there are a few clusters that have existed for decades. The most notable cluster is Sanda, which is the location of the shipwrecks of the last expedition to Zoolu, making the cluster immobile. A large portion of Sanda is on land, which is uncharacteristic to a cluster which are usually waterborne. This makes Sanda a popular "home port" of sorts, where many homeboats spend a portion of the year either resting or seeking for job.

The shallow waters and strong tides of the Landsea makes travelling there near impossible for unexperienced sailors, often requiring the hiring of a Island Dwarf boat in order to cross. Altough the Landsea is predictable if you know how to sail there, Island Dwarf captains prefer if they can get a spellcaster capable of predicting or changing the weather living in their boat, often offering cheaper rent or a salary for their services.

Boats and Families

For most of their youth, the Island dwarves spend in their parents' homeboats, seeking for a job from another vessel when they come of age in their low twenties. The usual dream for a young island dwarf is to own their own boat and start a family there, starting the cycle all over again. Because the Island dwarves have such long lives, adult dwarves usually go through multiple homeboats in their lives, each new boat often an upgrade to the last one.

Usually if a dwarf loses his spouse, they sell their homeboat and seek work and housing from other boats until they can find a new dwarf to marry and start a family again. It is highly unusual for an Island Dwarf to live alone in a homeboat.

The Price of Freedom

Because homeboats are generally expensive and saving up to buy one can take decades working for a captain, some young Island dwarves prefer the shortcut of seeking easy cash adventuring or working as a shield. Sometimes young dwarves spend so much time on land that they start to forget their seafaring ways and spending the rest of their time on the mainland.


As per phb Hill Dwarves, page 20 with the following exception:

Replace Stonecunning with proficiency in vehicles (water)

Island Dwarves of the Landsea

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