Forest Elves of the Sylva

The Forest Elves of the Sylva are a lot shorter and friendlier than their sky-living cousins. They are hunter-gatherers living in the ancient forests of the world taking only what they need and trying to maintain the delicate balance of the Sylva any way they can.

Short and Stealthy

The Forest Elves are very down-to-earth and nature-loving. They are a bit smaller than humans, being generally around 5 feet tall, weighing in at 100 pounds with males being generally taller and heavier than females. The Forest Elves' skin is pale with tones of a cool green or yellow with eyes of vivid greens and blues. Their hair ranges from dark brown and auburn to light greens and yellows. Some elves' hair changes with the seasons, being a light grey in the winter and a lush green in the summer.

The Forest Elves like to match their clothes to the surrounding they are in with colors following the change of seasons. Hating to waste anything of the prey they hunt, they like to utilize the skins and furs of animals in their clothing. Large leaves and branches make good skirts and shirts during the spring and summer and teeth and bones make simple trinkets that they craft themselves and often give as gifts or use as a means of trade.

Tribal Villages Hidden From Sight

The Forest elves usually live to see their 300th birthday, with some longer lived elves living for up to two hundred years longer. They mature slower than humans, being fully grown up only at 50 years old. The younger elves value the wisdom that comes with a long age, and often seek guidance from the oldest person in the tribe, who is called the Elder.

The Forest Elves live in small tribal communities that are led by a Chieftain who is often appointed by the Elder or in some cases by lineage or a test of strenght. Their villages are around a large central Home Tree that has been sculpted by a druid so that the tree is not harmed but has enough room for the Elder to live in. Other elves live in all kinds of tents or treehouses with some elves preferring to sleep under the open sky. With no roads leading to the villages they can be difficult to find and sometimes elves migrate between villages depending on the season.

The Dangerous Sylva

The Sylva is an ancient forest to the west of the world, as the oldest forest in the known world, it is the habitat of the mysterious Fey Folk, the Forest Elves and a wide assortment of mundane and magical beasts. The Forest Elves prefer to live near the edges of the Sylva for the deepest reaches are too dangerous with only the bravest, or craziest, elves living near the center. The tribes living near the eastern and northern edges have contact with the other races and often do trade with them and try to make sure that other races don't get lost in the unmapped wilderness, but there are many tribes that have never even seen a Human. They are generally welcoming to visitors, being very interested in their stories and experiences, but find it difficult to trust any Sky Elves because of the history between them 

Guardians of the forests

Though rare, there are Forest Elf tribes living in other forests of the world. They often try to protect smaller less, dangerous forests from overharvesting and natural disasters. Some Forest Elves join a trade caravan, wishing to see the cultures and habits of the other races and trying to teach them how to utilize the natural recourses of a forest without disrespecting the balance of things. Some Forest Elves take the anarchist route, disrupting trade lines, mines and sawmills in order to protect a forest from logging.

Some Forest elves join other civilizations, bringing their martial prowess and druidic magic to great use adventuring or working as a Shield, but rarely does a Forest Elf lose their bond to nature and stop caring what happens to animals and trees around them.


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Forest Elves of the Sylva

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