Field Halflings of Agria

The Field Halflings of Agria are the small, friendly and welcoming little folks in the hillsides of Agria, cultivating the land and raising livestock centuries before the city was ever established.

Small and Practical

The halflings are rather tiny. Their height reaches only 3 feet, being a little taller than half the size of the average Human. They are rather well-built for their size, weighing easily over 40 pounds. Their small size comes in handy when building their burrows and hiding from enemies, but can be a huge disadvantage when dealing with places built for "normal" sized folk, needing special chairs or podiums in order to stand eye-to-eye with humans or elves. The Halflings reach maturity in their twenties, but can live comfortably in their second century, with the oldest halflings reaching close to the two-hundred mark.

The Field Halflings' skin is usually pale and their hair is blonde or sand-colored. The males like their hair short and the females long, but usually tied in the back or worn as cornrows or braids. The males can grow beards but usually are satisfied with thick sideburns. They usually wear practical and durable clothing rarely buying jewellery for themselves, but openly wear and carry any gifts that someone has given them.

Safe Burrows in the Hillside

The Field Halflings live in small Burrows dug in the hills, the Burrows are well hidden, usually only a small, fortified door can be seen. This protects them from the most dangers found outside, but still some halflings prefer the guarded stone walls of the cities in the winter.

The Burrows are passed down in the family, with each generation adding a room or two and sometimes merging two Burrows together they can grow to be rather huge. When the Burrows of enough families are connected they can form an underground village of sorts. The Field Halflings think that family goes first and can live with their parents for their whole lives.

The Field Halflings are a welcoming bunch, loving every moment when they can act as a host for friends or travellers and a Halfling Burrow usually has a guest area designed for normal sized folk, just in case one accidentally pops by. Usually when an uninvited guest appears in the doorsteps of a Burrow, it is a reason to celebrate. If a Halfling village is rather out of the way or gets few guests, it is not unusual that a party is thrown to celebrate if a new guest appears with the whole village begging the travellers to share their stories and experiences.

Some Halflings have moved in the cities, living their everyday life with normal-sized folk but still their hospitality is unchanged, savoring every moment that they can look after their guests' wellbeing. It is not unusual that a Field Halfling's home gets converted to an Inn or a Tavern, letting the Halfling earn their living hosting their guests.

Farmers and Breeders

The Field Halflings' life is simple, farming crop and breeding livestock in the summer, hiding in their Burrows or travelling to the cities for the winter. Altough many think that the best ale in Esos is made by the the Fortress Dwarves, it would be nothing without the Field Halflings farming the barley for it.

Not all Halflings are made for farming, and because the smiths of the cities seem to get everyting wrong when crafting tools and weapons for the smaller folk, some take up the mantle of craftsmen, focusing on taking care of the needs of their people.

Sometimes a young Field Halfling doesn't like the stale, normal life of farming and hiding and want more action, moving out of the burrows and seeking other work in the cities, sometimes trying their luck as an Adventurer or as a Shield.


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Field Halflings of Agria

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